lundi 20 avril 2015

vbmsgBox prompt is a mix of RTL(Persian) and LTR(English) but text is displayed in wrong order

I am designing a vba userform for excel 2013, in which I use English and Persian text, the problem is when I use a mix of both languages in a msgBox the bits of text come out in the wrong order, the number is supposed to be displayed at the end. here is the code:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
   MsgBox "نام" & " - " & "نام" & " - " & "VF" & " - " & 52 & " ." _
   , 1 + 1048576 + 524288, "نام برگه"
End Sub

The parts in double quotes and the number are supposed to come from listBoxes.(I just replaced them here with examples, the code behaves the same) I tried spacing the bits out(works in windows), rearranging the bits and changing msgBox's alignment and reading order, but the result was the same. How to fix this thing?

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