lundi 20 avril 2015

Placed a button and named as backspace,when clicked button should act as actual backspace on a textbox

I am creating a multilanguage keyboard using vba excel 2007,I have added buttons to display the character in a textbox ,so If i want to type A then i have written code as

Private Sub CommandButton88_Click() 
 TextBox1.Text =  ChrW(65) 
End Sub

Now I have placed a button for backspace,another for enter,another for escape ,f1,etc...But how to write codes if I want the button named backspace to work exactly as backspace button in actual keyboard and enter as enter and so on....

Please reply,seen keyascii and application.sendkeys({backspace}),but how to apply it on the textbox to work as backspace,enter etc...please reply, for backspace found as chr(8),but how to apply?

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