lundi 20 avril 2015

Need to find a match between a column of IDs in worksheet (Sheet2) where these exist in a string in a column of another worksheet (Sheet1)

Gentlemen, I've redone the entire post.

The similar link mentioned before is:

Link to similar request for info

The more accurate question is how do I use Column 1 of Sheet2, here:

Project ID to Funding Types

... to find a match of a project ID here:

Sheet 1 , replace project ID in column D with funding types

... so that I get this end result:

Desired Result

The problem with Edit | Fill Down is obvious ... D5 is the cell to modify for the first of 26 projects, D9 is the next. I'll need to find a column/row reference by Project ID match more than likely.

I've looked at VLOOKUP(), SUBSTITUTE(), REPLACE(), SEARCH() which all seem to be pieces of the solution. An option open to me is to use VSTO since C#.Net I'm much more familiar with. Very easy to search a string in C# for a match from the 2nd worksheet | Column 1, etc. Those desiring the solution prefer VBA or a Macro or formula.

Hope I'm more to the point this time.

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