dimanche 19 avril 2015

How to make an Excel function that include a pause without stalling Excel

I have an Excel "project" that includes a .dll where I have written some complex statistical calculations called through VBA. I have done that for speed reasons. The calculations take about a second each. Since they are called through VBA it stalls Excel for the duration of the calculations and that is acceptable. (The choice of Excel is not mine but a result of the way a third party has chosen to deliver data)

But for the purpose of the project I need to have the results of the calculations turn up after not three seconds but after ten. I could either expand the calculations for greater accuracy or simply include a pause in the code. But since it is done via VBA it stalls the whole project for all ten seconds and that is not acceptable.

I have looked into ExcelDNA since it avoids VBA completely and might make it possible to do ALL that is done via VBA with ExcelDNA or existing build in functions. I have modified this example for testing:


and included a simple Thread.Sleep(10000); to the code to simulate the pause. But that ALSO stalls Excel for the duration of the calculation.

Is there a way to include a pause in functions that doesn´t make Excel wait for the result but where the result is "pushed" to the cell/the cell "subscribes" to the result? Can it be done via ExcelDNA, XLL or via a third solution? I would prefer a soution where I can use C or very lightly modified C since all the statistical functions are written in C.

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