lundi 20 avril 2015

Get the data from excel files in directory

I am a newbie here, but found superb solutions from the members of this forum. What I´m looking for is to get data from excel files in specific directory. What I found here was awesome, and helped me to partially solve my problem, but not the whole thing.

Get the data from excel files in sub directories

I need to get data from various excel files in specific directory. Here I found vba script that is making almost the thing I need, except 2 thing: 1. It gets data from every excel file found in directory, I only need data from files containing specific sheets. The files are detailed information about projects, information are updated weekly, so every sheet in the file is named by the abbreviation CW (means calendar week), space and number of the week. Different projects run different weeks. The folder is basically month summary. So the project one keeps running from week 2 up until week 8, another one from week 1 til week 5 and so on. From this you can see, that when I have, for instance 8 files in the folder, relevant information and the given week containing for example 5 files. The script doesn't recognize it and it gives something like !N/A result for the weeks, that are not in given files. Is it possible to adjust it, that only flies with those specific sheets would be processed? 2. I need to format the values, from one of them i need left 2 characters, from another one 4 right characters, another 3 i need get divided by 1000. If I put these conditions into the script, I think, that because of the !N/A results, it stops working...

Does anybody have solution for that?

Thanx in advance.

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