lundi 20 avril 2015

Excel merging two files based on a variable

I want to write a program that will match variable names in two separate workbooks, than copy all information from variable until page break from both workbooks into a new work. Each workbook has multiple pagebreaks not sheets. For example:

Workbook A (Variable = X)    
Persons          Name  
X                    Bill  

Work Book B  
Persons          Nickname  
X                   Billy  

New Workbook  
Page 1  
Persons          Name  
X                   Bill  

Page 2   
Persons          Nickname  
X                  Billy  

I was using the code at this site to merge the two selected workbooks, but I cannot figure out how to match by name and than copy to page break. Can anyone have suggestions or can help direct me? Thank you!

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