lundi 20 avril 2015

Create power point using excel macro

I have an interesting problem I am unsure of. I have not worked with power point and have little excel macro experience. I have found many similar issues to mine but none of them quite fit the bill. I am helping my local charity with a fund raiser and need a way to make a triva sort of game. The game will be displayed with powerpoint, and all the questions, choices, and answers are in an excel sheet. The way it is laid our is one question per row, and the columns are: Question, options, answers and category.

I have managed the category sorting quite easy enough, but now I need to somehow work with creating power point slides in such a way so that the question is the title, with the options being the content, and then the following slide is the answer to that question. Therefore each question creates two slides, a question and answer slide.

Example row (| denote column):

Which of these was an italian sculptor? | Michelangelo, tintoretto, da vinci, galilleo | michelangelo | Art

So the result would be a side with title "Which of these was an italian sculptor?" and content a) Michelangelo, b) tintoretto, c) da vinci, d) galilleo

the following slide simply being "Michelangelo"

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