lundi 20 avril 2015

Compare two sets of name lists and create a report showing matching names in VBA

I have two sets of lists: 1) customer list in sheet1: name, last name, DOB 2) black list 1 in sheet2: name last name, DOB 2) black list 2 in sheet3: name last name, DOB 2) black list 3 in sheet4: name last name, DOB

I need a VBA code to check the customer list and identify the ones that appear in one or more of the blacklists. Return the results in a seperate sheet showing the following info:

  1. Customer name, last name, DOB
  2. Which blacklists does the customer appears to be in?
  3. Matching results from the blacklists

I would greatly appreciate any input that can help me generate a VBA code for this task. Thanks!

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