lundi 20 avril 2015

ArcMap label min and max values

hello all.

I'd like to ask you to kindly help me to find a solution of a following question on which I was not able to find an answer so far. The issue stands as follows: I've got a point layer of 1000s of points which contains (among other attributes) a field "File" and a field "Distance". The "file" field defines by unique text strings a series of interrelated points (one file is one measurement of a device) while the "distance" field obviously indicates a distance from 0 (or a number close to zero) to MaxDistance (usually hundreds or thousands of metres). I'd like to label only the first and last point of each file series (i.e. the point with the lowest and highest value within each file defined category) Could you help me with defining the right VBA (or python) script to do this?

I'm trying to start to learn the scripting basics (I'd also appreciate if you could suggest which scripting language is more useful to learn / use for ESRI products, though feeling this might be a tricky question :-)) but in this case I need some help as I'm quite under pressure with finishing the task.

Thanks in advance for your kind help and best regards, Filip.

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